Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer and Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are essential to our household. They allow us to get our laundry done quickly so that our clothes are clean and dry for the week. With how hard they work, it's no wonder that they break down sometimes. When that happens, give Edge Repair Co a call. We are the top repair service in Bristol, CT and we will get your washer and dryer working again in no time.

Regular Maintenance

These simple tips can extend the lifespan of your washer and dryer by many years. Here are some maintenance tips to follow regularly:

• Clean the drain filter: This should be done at least twice a month

• Clean the lint: The machine will usually tell you when the lint filter is full. However, we don't recommend that you wait that long. Clean it out weekly.

• Clean the washing machine: Running a hot cycle on an empty machine will remove the buildup of dust, grime, and detergent that have built up.

Common Issues We See in Washers and Dryers


This can be traced back to many things. Check to see if any drains are clogged. If the drains are clear, then give us a call.

Washer Won't Spin

First, check to see if the setting is correct. If it's set to a heavier load, then the soaking portion will be longer than usual. If the setting isn't the issue, make sure that the laundry load isn't too big. An overloaded washer won't work as effectively.

Washer Stops Half-Way Through a Cycle

This might be due to a broken timer. This is a relatively easy fix. It might also be due to some other complex issue. Either way, it's best to give us a call to come and check it out.

The Dryer Won't Spin

This is usually due to a worn-out belt. You might also need to replace the roller (this is a relatively easy fix). If it's an issue with the motor or the idler, then give us a call because this is not an easy fix.

The Dryer's Temperature is Too High

Turn off the machine and give it a chance to cool down. Check the lint trap and vent for any blockages. These can lead to overheating. However, if the issue lies with the thermostat or the heating coils, then give us a call. This is a repair that shouldn't be attempted on your own.

Call Us

Give Edge Repair Co of Bristol, CT a call. Our services are of the highest quality and at the best price. We only work with a small pool of suppliers so that we can guarantee the quality of our parts. We've built our reputation by treating our customers as family. We wouldn't offer them second-rate service. Give us a call or click the Contact button on this page. We'll help you set up an initial appointment.