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Whether your ice maker is not making ice, or your washing machine is being noisy, Edge Repair Co has the answer to the problem. If you live in Bristol, CT then we've worked with every brand of household appliance on the current market. Here are some of the common brands that we work with:


GE has been creating and manufacturing appliances for over one hundred years. They implement features into their appliances that benefit you and your household. They sell everything from refrigerators to ice makers. They have created three distinct appliance lines or personalities: MONOGRAM, CAFE appliances and GO profile series. Each line has a unique aesthetic.


Their appliances combine reliability and groundbreaking innovations. They specialize in laundry appliances and this is where they beat their competition. Their kitchen appliances are frequently ranked as the least serviced appliances.


Specializing in dishwashers, Bosch sells mainly kitchen appliances. They are also known for their exemplary customer service. They have been in the business for over 150 years, and consistently implementing features in their appliances that benefit you and your household.


Known primarily for being an electronics powerhouse, Samsung also has one of the world's leading brands of appliances. They allow for your household appliances and electronics to synch and control each other.

They are known for being aesthetically pleasing, and their washers and refrigerators are known for having a larger holding capacity. It is no surprise that Samsung is one of the top appliance brands in the country.


I think you can guess what this brand specializes in! Their refrigerators are simple in both design and features, which makes your life easier. They're also sold at amazing prices, which helps them maintain their status as one of the top appliance brands.


Maytag appliances are known for their ten-year warranties. This speaks volumes about the quality of their products. Their appliances are reliable, supportive and made to last. It is no wonder that they are one of the most dependable brands out there.


Viking is a branch of Middleby, known as the world's top manufacturer of commercial kitchen appliances. Middleby provides Viking with many resources, allowing them to create some of the highest quality appliances out there. Their domestic and commercial products are both made to last.


Consumer magazines often rank Kenmore refrigerators as number one. Their refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing, innovative and perform exceptionally well. Although they don't manufacture most of their products, they sell every household appliance you can think of.

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